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A spot inventory leads to many journeys to many places

I got sober in San Diego, after my husband decided he was tired of his new wife staying out drinking all night. I thought I was a good wife, but coming home at 2 a.m. after happy hour wasn't his idea of the perfect 50's wife. I went to AA to get him off my back, and found out immediately that I was an alcoholic. Neither he nor I was happy about that news, but I started going to meetings and decided to give sobriety a shot. He decided to stay in the marriage and give it a shot. We were on shaky ground for months, but eventually we came to love and trust one another again, and to move toward starting a family together.

I got sober and our lives took off—corporate jobs, a set of beautiful baby twins, two cars in the three-car garage, money in the bank. Sobriety helped us get back on track. I was going to meetings throughout the transitions into corporate employment and motherhood, and it was fairly demanding. I had to ask god for help to get to meetings, but if I put my sobriety first, I found a way to get to meetings.

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