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Chaos with the Kids

A new father gets some help from friends in the program

I was recently blessed with a new member to my family, a baby boy. My wife and I decided that I should stay home with our newborn and our three-year-old. It wasn't that long ago my wife couldn't trust me in the same room with her purse, now she trusted me to raise her children. For me, that was a spiritual experience. Grateful for Alcoholics Anonymous, I had adopted an open door policy at my home for the men I was working with. My sponsor had made himself available to me and I was willing to give what was freely given to me. Quoting the Big Book, my sponsor assured me, "Nothing insures immunity from drinking as much as intensive work with other alcoholics."

I hadn't been home more than three months and our newborn began crying inconsolably. I went down the list, changed his diaper, gave him a bottle, held and rocked him. Nothing calmed the poor kid. I hold on to the idea that this son will become a singer because he was, and still is incredibly loud. The entire time I was attempting to nurture the baby, our toddler was running around feral, cashing in on my distraction. On one of his laps through the kitchen, my toddler misjudged a corner and knocked his head pretty hard on the cabinet. Whack!

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