From the December 2010 magazine.

Cult-like or just welcoming?

Reluctant conformity

Readers respond to "Why are we shouting?" in the September Grapevine

Regarding the article, "Why Are We Shouting?" in the September Grapevine, I feel validated and accepted when the group shouts, "Hi, Nancy!" at a meeting, but it does smack of religious cultism. I am a former member of a religious cult, and my children consider AA to be similar in some ways. I am also not comfortable with holding hands and saying the Lord's Prayer at the end of a meeting for the same reason. AA is a spiritual, not a religious, program. I conform because that is how I've been taught and I don't want to appear different, but I would love to see this change for the benefit of everyone in the Fellowship, regardless of beliefs.


Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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