From the December 2010 magazine.

Cult-like or just welcoming?

I feel welcomed

First, I don't go to meetings where there's "shouting," but rather attend meetings where I'm welcomed. Maybe it's just my perception, but as a person who lives alone, it's sure nice to hear others say, "Hi, Tracy," when I introduce myself. I get lonely sometimes and that makes me feel a part of and very welcome.

In addition, I'm not sure how this "shouting" has anything to do with religion and so I'm not sure how that makes AA a cult. Have people poked fun at AA in the media? Sure! Should we have the ability to laugh at ourselves in sobriety? I'd say that we should. Does it put off newcomers? It didn't put me off when I came to the Fellowship in the 1990s.


Rock Hill, S.C.

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