From the December 2010 magazine.

Cult-like or just welcoming?

Define 'chanting'

I've only been active since the '70s. I have lived in many places and enjoyed meetings in 25 states and over 30 countries. I have heard "shouting, yelling and hooting" at many meetings, in response to humorous anecdotes or congratulations. I don't remember "chanting" (Websters: "rhythmic, monotonous utterances"). I've been comforted when greeted with "Hi _____" tens of thousands of times in meetings in which I've participated. I've never been offended. It's absolutely appropriate to say "Hi _____" to anyone after they introduce themselves. To blame the peaking of AA's membership on members saying "Hi _____" disregards the fact that a much larger percentage of abusers today are addicted to substances other than alcohol. Hundreds of programs (mostly using AA's Twelve Steps) have sprouted up to serve that population.



Gold Canyon, Ariz.

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