From the August 2012 magazine.

August 2012: Crackers to the Rescue

In the fall of 1995, I was working for a publication that operated in a shotgun house that was converted into a workspace. Next door there was a rundown two-story structure that was basically a crack house. One day, as I pulled my car up to the curb, I saw a dirty mutt in front of the house. The dog looked frightened and ran away, exhibiting signs I have seen in animals that are abused. Something in me wanted to save her.

A day later, I saw one of the crackheads kick the dog. I quietly coaxed her with food to come toward me and out of sight of the crackheads. She didn’t put up a struggle, so I put a collar on her and sat her in my car and drove her home.

-- Steve B.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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