From the August 2012 magazine.

August 2012: Just a Drunk

A member uses caution when advice comes his way

TRADITION EIGHT: Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers.

My alcoholic drinking career lasted nearly 35 years. Drinking led to my becoming a liar and thief, constantly living in fear of being found out. Uncontrollable fits of boozing saw me fired, jailed, dishonored, suffering intolerably, going into hospitals, treatment programs and AA. With a few variations, I repeated that performance over and over for about 19 years. Over a year of my life was wasted in treatment because no one could see that my real problems were a nagging wife, nasty bosses, and people who were out to get me. My way of asking for help was, “Here I am, turkeys, fix me! If you had my problems, you’d drink too.”

-- Jack F.

Aurora, Illinois

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