From the August 2012 magazine.

August 2012: A House and Two Dogs

I started drinking when I was around 15. I quit school and went to work in a fish store. Then I quit that and went to work at a local hospital. I quit that and went to Royal Military College (RMC) for a while, working in the kitchen. I quit that, then worked for roofing companies. Finally I went back to RMC to work for almost 30 years. I worked in the kitchen and as a gardener. I was also a trades helper, steam fitter, refrigeration guy, a plumber, electrician, carpenter and mason. I did it all. I even shoveled snow in the winter and took trucks and bulldozers to cut trees, clear bush and put up fencing. I also drove Army guys around.

I wanted to be a cook, but I couldn’t read that well, so that didn’t work out. I had an opportunity to be a fireman and go into the Navy but the same thing stopped me.

-- Jim C.

Odessa, Ontario, Canada

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