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A Gig at the Bar

This musician had the chance to see and remember what her old life was like

I'm a musician by trade, that's how I earn money. A lot of the places I play are private events, corporate events or private parties. Sometimes, I play in places where they serve alcohol. Perish the thought, an alcoholic in a bar! The wineries are usually pretty nice and attract a very social crowd; the bars on the other hand, are usually filled with regular drinkers.

I decided to go check out the "local talent" in my hometown. I do this from time to time to see if there's anyone new worth considering working with. I think of it as a form of networking. I had been to this bar once before and when I tell you this was a sewer, this was a sewer! The locals think it's a great place: fun, loud—the whole thing. This was the kind of place I used to go to when I wasn't too drunk to "socialize." They serve food along with beer, booze and loud, hardcore music. First time I checked it out, I said "I will never come back to this place!" I decided to try one more time, to see if it was my imagination and if I was negatively predisposed. I should have believed myself.

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