From the January 2014 magazine.

January 2014: The Car Thief

Panic set in as he called the police. Someone had stolen his car—and everyone at work had to know

I was born in Washington D.C. to a loving family. My father traveled often for work, and when he was home my parents often entertained with dinners and cocktail parties. I remember waking up as a child and going downstairs to finish the colorful drinks left in everyone’s glasses. It was just like candy.

I can vividly remember my first real good buzz from alcohol. I was 13, at a crab restaurant in Maryland with my family. The crabs were cooked with strong pepper and pitchers of beer were on the table. My parents allowed my sister and me to have beer, as we were now teenagers. Both she and I got an awesome buzz and played on the beach in the balmy, moonlit night. It was pure magic. For the next 30 years I chased that feeling.

-- Gym C.

Los Angeles, California

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