From the January 2014 magazine.

January 2014: Great Serve

In both his game and AA, he sets his feet, trusts, and makes a beautiful shot

Years ago, when I was briefly rich, I took tennis lessons at a fancy hotel in Arizona. I had never done such a thing before. When I was a kid and wanted to play a sport, I simply went to a store, bought the necessary equipment and figured I could pick up the skills I needed as I went along.

Out in Arizona, however, in two weeks of daily drills, my coach showed me how to prepare myself for whatever might come over the net. He told me not to worry in advance. If I followed the steps he suggested, I could deal with what happens when it happens, and quickly set my feet to make a forehand or a backhand shot. As a result, my game improved dramatically. I found that I could get through even the most difficult of tennis situations.

-- Jon A.

Chicago, Illinois

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