From the January 2014 magazine.

January 2014: Sybil and Tex

In the August 2006 Grapevine (reprinted from February 1992) there was a story by Sybil C. called “Learning to Fly,” about her experiences as the first woman who joined AA in Los Angeles in 1941. The Jack Alexander article in the Saturday Evening Post had introduced her to the program, and Ruth Hock had written her with instructions for finding the one meeting in California, which was in LA. Sybil C. also writes about her brother Tex, who started the Hole In the Ground group in Huntington Park. Tex’s action resulted in his “excommunication” by the “mother group” in LA. I feel that Sybil and Tex are personal friends, even though we never met. They are probably no longer with us physically, but I’m sure they are with us in spirit.

My sobriety date is December 28, 1969. In the third week of 1970, I traveled from Texas to the LA area on business. I found the Hole In the Ground group one evening while I was very nervous and thirsty. It was still meeting in the basement of the Womens’ Club Building. It was the first meeting I attended away from my home territory. I remember clearly two things about that meeting: First, it was led by Pete, who had lost one of his legs because he had gone to sleep under a railroad train; and second, before the meeting started Pete asked everyone with court papers to bring them up to the front to get them signed. Then he told them they were free to stay for the meeting because they had fulfilled their legal requirements. I didn’t know what “court papers” he was talking about until someone explained it to me. They all stayed for the meeting.

-- Troy W.

Kemah, Texas

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