From the January 2014 magazine.

January 2014: San Diego 92128

When her telephone rings, she’s ready to do business

I have been doing service in AA now for many years. When I moved from Los Angeles to San Diego, I promised myself I would find a womens’ meeting to become my home group. It met on Monday nights, and I told myself I would take the first commitment that offered itself. I had in mind making coffee, or perhaps being in charge of literature. In fact the second week I attended, the GSR announced that her term would be up in a couple of weeks. Was there anyone interested? So I became the group’s GSR.

In San Diego, the GSR participates on an Area Committee; this committee is determined by the availability of the GSR to serve. I indicated that I could be at a meeting on the third Tuesday of each month, and was assigned to the Contact Services Committee. Huh? What’s that? I’d never heard of it. Where was my old standby, the Finance Committee?

-- Diana A.

San Diego, California

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