From the February 2014 magazine.

February 2014: Dear Grapevine

Family tree
Many AA members have shared with me privately and from the podium their sponsorship lineage. I used to think, Oh, I’d better make that known to all my potential sponsees when I speak. I’d better let everyone know I have a sponsor, and that they have a sponsor. Some can trace their impressive sponsor lineage back to Bill W.! So what is my lineage? I’d better get busy tracing it because I want to sound important at the podium!

Yesterday I went to the Imperial Roundup in Brawley, Calif. I drove two hours to get there from San Diego through the mountains. An interesting lineage from ocean to mountains to desert in itself! When I got there, I sat at a table with my AA friends talking about our next General Service Assembly and how we could best prepare for the Conference. As I looked around me, I saw another kind of lineage in AA. Sitting there was the delegate, the alternate delegate, the area chair, the DCM, the GSR from this DCM’s district and a member from the GSR’s home group.

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