From the February 2014 magazine.

February 2014: Finding Turtles

Like the treasures of the sea, happiness comes when he’s not busy looking for it

For many years, my wife and I have vacationed in Puerto Escondido, a surfing and fishing town in Mexico. I always tried to curb my drinking there, but always failed. During a trip in December 2005 I overheard a friend, David, who I knew was in AA, mention to another friend that he was going to a “meeting,” and I asked him if I could attend. That was the beginning of my sober life.

Now when I come to Puerto, I attend meetings and go swimming with my AA friends. Some of us have extended our swims along the coast for up to an hour or more each day, primarily for exercise, but we find the beauty and the sea life to be an added bonus.

-- Peter S.

Geyserville, California

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