From the March 2014 magazine.

March 2014: 1000 Holes

For 32 great years, his obsession to drink has been lifted—but not his love for golf

I went to my first AA meeting after an episode where I drove 100 miles in a complete blackout. Somehow I woke up at home on the sofa. My pants were torn and there was a dent in my station wagon. To this day I don’t know what I hit. I just hope it wasn’t a person. After it was over, I told my wife I needed help. She asked what kind of help, and I said AA. My father was in AA at the time. She told me I was not that bad (she didn’t want to lose her drinking partner). But I made the call to the clubhouse anyway. It was three blocks from our house.

I look back and think about my...

-- Bob N.

Bessemer, Michigan