From the March 2014 magazine.

March 2014: Letting Go in Florida

A sober mom learns all about powerlessness in a partyland by the sea

Desperation drove me into the rooms of AA on July 10, 1983. It was not my first attempt. I had gotten three months together, moved to Florida, and once again became the important, self-sufficient person I always thought I was. After a year of more drinking, I got fired from my job and was about to become homeless. The desperate can be sweetly willing. So when I finally made it into the rooms, I had no doubts this time. I got old-fashioned, no-nonsense AA, and a lot of love from the old-timers. But this story is not all about me.

I had four grown children at the time, all of them out...

-- Jeanne R.

Monaca, Pennsylvania