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Paint Thinner Blues

He was planning on spiking his whiskey but God was planning something else

After being accepted into the local hospital treatment program, I was sent home to wait for the next available bed. It would be a few days and during that time I continued to drink heavily. Mostly whiskey and beer, some cheap white wine, usually in the morning. I was sitting in the backyard of my parents house getting close to the bottom of my last bottle of whiskey and not close enough to the edge of oblivion. Out of money and things to pawn, I was wondering what I was going to do next when the thought occurred to me that I could make the whiskey last longer and work better if I added some rubbing alcohol. Sort of "spiking the whiskey."

I did not know where any rubbing alcohol might be in the house but I did know where a can of denatured alcohol was on the back porch. It was left over from a furniture stripping project I had started and lost track of, like so many other projects, in an alcoholic fog of distraction, disinterest and drunkenness.

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