From the March 2014 magazine.

March 2014: What! another meeting?

With his marriage on the rocks, a newcomer tries to help his family understand this AA thing

When I entered the doors of AA I had not lost my job, house, car, family or wife, but I was very close. In fact, I went to my first AA meeting because of my wife’s ultimatum: “If you don’t do something about your drinking, I’m leaving you.” We’ve been married 29 years with ups and downs, but we were on a downhill slide the last couple of years before I came to AA. Half of me said, Let her go. I’m tired of her telling me what to do. The other half reminded me that she had been one of the few factors that controlled my drinking somewhat. I would force myself out of the bars long before I wanted to in an effort to keep the peace on the homefront.

About a year and a half before I got sober, my wife had to spend a lot of time out of town with one of our daughters. When the cat’s away, the mice will play, I thought. So I shut the bars down countless times and drank well after my so-called friends had left. This began to affect my job. I realized that if that ended, my marriage would be next, followed closely by my house, car, health and ultimately my life. I had a moment of clarity, and the next day I went to my first AA meeting. Through the Fellowship, the Steps and my reliance on a Higher Power, my marriage and life have gotten much better than I could ever have expected.

-- Anonymous

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