From the April 2014 magazine.

The Boy in the Light Blue Truck

How a boy, a crab and sweet summer rain gave her the courage to let go

It was a wonderful day in May of 2010. I was literally on the brink of my life changing. I was not yet sober, and I had moved in with my mom a few months earlier after leaving Tennessee with only the belongings that would fit in my car. My mother lives in a small fishing town on the Atlantic. I was sad and lonely, still sick with my disease and not treating myself well.

At an AA meeting one night, I heard a young, handsome man speak with that drawl only a southern boy can have. He said, “My name is Michael, I was born in 1985, and I’m an alcoholic.” I introduced myself to him after the meeting, and told him I liked his story. He laughed. Later, he told me he laughed because I had blue frosting on my teeth.

-- Katie K.

Wilmington, North Carolina

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