From the April 2014 magazine.

Talking with Dr. Paul

Through friends in California, I obtained the telephone number of Dr. Paul O., hoping to interview him for our Intergroup’s newsletter. Dr. Paul is the author of the Big Book story “Doctor, Alcoholic, Addict,” [Now “Acceptance Was the Answer”] which contains that famous passage on acceptance on page 449 [Now 417]. A bit nervous, I dialed the number. Dr. Paul himself answered. Here’s an excerpt of what he said:

“I believe there are just two basic emotions: love and fear. All other emotions are just variations of those two. Stay out of fear and function in love. We’re not here to figure out whether we’re in His hands; we just have to act as if it is true. I used to write the letter L in ink on my palm to remind me of this. Then I got to thinking that the ink might be bad for my skin. Besides, it would always rub off. Well, recently, when vacationing in Mexico, I saw this guy with a tattoo that looked new. I asked him if he got it somewhere in Mexico.

-- Bonnie C.

Reading, Pennsylvania

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