From the April 2014 magazine.

My First Resentment

A teacher is surprised to learn she is not at the head of her class

I started drinking at age 19 and quit at age 26. Though it lasted just seven years, my drinking took me to a place I never want to return to. I had an empty hole so deep I couldn’t fill it. I thought I wasn’t good enough for anyone, including myself, and I had lost all my friends.

I came into the rooms because of a DWI. I still had a place to live, a car, and a job as a teacher, so I didn’t think that I had a problem. I only went to jail once. That wasn’t so bad. My lawyers asked me what I was going to do about the DWI and out of nowhere, I said, “I’ll go to AA.” To...

-- Jenna C.

Georgetown, Texas