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Published March 2014.

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The phone has been an important part of AA for decades … but sometimes it's time for an upgrade

I have heard it said in many AA meetings that you will hear someone share and it will become apparent that you want that person to be your sponsor. That is what happened to me. The only problem was that I heard my sponsor in a meeting 4,750 miles away from my hometown. There was no way that it could work out. Or could it?

In early September 2011, I left my home in Glasgow, Scotland and travelled to the United States. A family member based in Los Angeles had agreed to help me go to treatment and found me a place at a Twelve-Step rehab facility in Astoria, Ore. After three flights and two days of travelling, my journey to sobriety had begun. I don't think the phrase "Willing to go to any lengths" was intended to be such a geographical statement!

-- Lindsay M.

Lanarkshire, Scotland

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