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From the March 2014 magazine.

Pitfalls in Early Sobriety

A member with 120 days describes some of the things that proved difficult

I am fond of saying, "Life does not stop while you're recovering." For me that saying applies to both failures and successes. Just because you decide to get sober does not make you immune to life's challenges. Life is an endless sea of ebb and flow.

How we choose to deal with these trials has a direct correlation with our adherence to the 12 Steps. The irony of living a sober life is that we, as alcoholics, have come to expect disappointments over success. Our condition has brainwashed us in believing we do not deserve success and now when we experience a personal triumph our first instinct is to reward ourselves by drinking. As alcoholics, the trappings of success can make us vulnerable to relapse. But it does not have to. We deserve success just as much as the next person. The Twelve Steps and our fellow members teach us how to not become a victim of success. For me all it took was an open mind, a closed mouth and a healthy dose of humility.

-- Todd H.,


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