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Published March 2014.

Just the Facts

The first 164 pages contained all the solutions she needed

Today, I can admit that my mind was quite foggy when I first tried reading the Big Book. I remember at meetings complaining frequently about the punctuation, the antiquated language, the repetition and that jaywalker story just didn't make much sense to me! I felt strongly that it needed a serious re-write and that I could probably help with that. And then I began to read it. Not like a novel, from cover-to-cover; but rather as it was intended to be read when written, as a design for living.

I didn't understand the physicality of the disease of alcoholism. I just fell drunk. It never occurred to me that I had damaged brain cells, which impaired my ability to comprehend what I was reading. Never had the thought struck me that I might have damaged body organs while I was greedily consuming alcohol in such large quantities. It didn't come to mind that I had depleted my body of necessary vitamins and other nutrients for life.

-- Sherry S.

Curtice, Ohio

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