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Published March 2014.

Why I Don't Vote

An AA questions the use of Robert's Rules of Order in business meetings

Some are not aware that I refrain from casting a vote at business meetings. This is not an abstention, but is exercising my choice not to vote. This decision is generally not understood and often met with harsh judgment. That verdict does not bother me in the least. However, I feel it imperative that as part of my choice, it is important to explain the process and logic behind my resolution.

Firstly, I do not agree that Parliamentary Procedure leads to fair or representative voice for all concerned. I think that those pushing this as part of a democratic ideal are either misled or themselves part of a larger group using these procedures to manipulate and control group opinion, while maintaining the posture that the election process is open, free and fair. To conclude it is not, may seem radical and far afield. I pray you hold that verdict and consider my reasoning. I am not trying to convince you or get you to change your opinions, but I hope you are open-minded enough to consider a differing point of view.

-- Anonymous

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