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Published April 2014.

God's Little Breadcrumbs

An AA tells about the things he lost and found along the way

I was raised in a single parent household. My parents divorced and my dad got custody of my 11-month-old sister and me when I was three years old. This was almost unheard of back then. I've never was told why they divorced. However, I suspect it was due to my mother having undiagnosed depression. This was still quite a mystery to even doctors back then.

I was raised in the Catholic faith and religion. I attended a very prominent parochial school and church in the mid-San Fernando Valley, in Encino, Calif. Around the time I was in the fifth grade, my dad met and married a new step-mom. At that time I switched to the public school system in a then-small, little sleepy town called Simi Valley.

-- Rick C.

Bishop, California

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