From the May 2014 magazine.

The Big Stare Down

She couldn’t fool her furry BFF. When she got sloshed, it was the doghouse for her

Who would have thought that one of the most important “buzz busters” during my drinking days would come in the form of a small, hyper, ridiculously smart dog? A Jack Russell to be precise.

When I was sober, even if I just went out as far as the mailbox, she would greet me as if I’d been gone for months. Bouncing up and down (as if on an invisible trampoline), she’d cover me with kisses. Then she’d drag her blanket or favorite toy and place it before me, and the game was on. There was no ignoring this little freak of nature. She gave me overwhelming unconditional love. And the feeling was mutual.

-- Juls M.

Enumclaw, Washington

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