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Back on the Path

After a relapse, he was able to rebuild his life with AA

There was insanity in my household growing up. I was the fifth of six kids and the youngest of the four boys. There was alcoholism, addiction and crime in my home environment, primarily the result of much older siblings.

I was raised in an atmosphere of switchblades, gravity knives, brass knuckles, handguns, drug paraphernalia, drunkenness, rage and aggression. Emergency vehicles were frequent visitors to my home with sirens blaring. My own solution as a very young boy was hiding in fear, isolation and loneliness. I tended to be a friendless confused little boy. By junior high, I was the bullied kid in class. I was the smallest and youngest in my class throughout grade school, and full of fear because of the situation at home. Though never bisexual or homosexual myself, I was labeled ‘fem’ and other ‘f’ words by my classmates and as often happens to bullied kids, I was ridiculed mercilessly by my hormone-laced fellow students. This was very traumatic, to say the least.

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