Published May 2014.

Yes Please, I Could Use Some Help

Even though I was afflicted with polio in 1949 when I was 8 months old and have walked my whole life with a noticeable limp, I never considered myself handicapped or disabled. I played Little League and parish baseball, stickball and football in the streets of New York, and as an adult I played in neighborhood softball leagues. I was always pretty active.

I got involved in AA service in the mid-90s. I was the GSR for my home group and was serving as the literature chair. The DCMC then informed me that our special needs chair had to step down and asked if I would mind wearing a second hat. I never questioned why he asked me, but I did have some doubts. I was afraid that people would think I was only doing it because of my affliction, and that I would go on a crusade. Well, thankfully I shared this with my sober network, and Brian A., who held the commitment before me, simply said, “You were given an opportunity to serve.”

-- Ben L.

Queens, New York

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