From the May 2014 magazine.

Note to Boss

Can Warranty Five help us grow outside of AA as well as inside? One member says yes

As a lifelong student of Gandhi and non-violence, I was surprised to find myself considering shooting the squirrels that had spent the morning tearing open my trash bags and scattering the contents all over the street. Did the squirrels deserve such punitive measures? This was hardly a spiritual state of mind. I realized I was dealing with a Warranty Five issue.

In AA’s Twelve Concepts for World Service, Warranty Five states: “That no Conference action shall ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy.” Fortunately for me, old-timers in general service beyond the home group helped me understand that these principles apply to my daily spiritual development, not just to the General Service Conference. A tall order? Yes, but one that I needed to embrace to continue to grow spiritually.

-- Annemarie M.

Taunton, Mass., Massachusetts

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