From the May 2014 magazine.

My Lifeline to the World

A deaf member gets help from her canine friends, but it’s AA that saves her sobriety

When I was 30, I started to lose my hearing. The doctors first told me they thought it was a tumor—which sent my drinking into overdrive. Later, they learned that it was caused by otosclerosis. So I had to use two hearing aids, which made me feel horrible about myself.

Ten years later, my husband’s life and mine became unmanageable because of our heavy drinking. My children, who were then ages 12 and 15, ran the household. They took care of my husband and me, served us drinks and cooked our meals. My husband and I were both cheating on each other. I thought that if I could find one more diet, and I looked good, my life would be happy.

-- Bonnie C.

Tujunga, California

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