From the May 2014 magazine.

A Month in the Country

Photo by Jen D.

I always smile when I hear a recovering person say they cannot have a healthy relationship. My love story starts in 1995. I was 15 years sober, newly retired and taking a year off before looking for another job. My plan was to visit friends and relatives in Florida for the winter. Well, that didn’t work out, so I volunteered for the month of February at the Wilson House in Vermont. One day, after I was there a week, this man arrived. He had 30 years sober. That’s where it all began.

That very night a visitor asked us how long we had been married. I answered that I had seen some whirlwind romances in AA before but, in fact, I had just met him that morning. The visitor said we looked like we belonged together. I was not looking for anybody special and neither was he, but things happened. We spent time together, and we listened to each other. Imagine communicating honestly. After my stay, we kept in touch. He lived in Connecticut and I in New York.

-- Anonymous

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