From the May 2014 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

In AA, we have no special members, but there are those who do have special needs. Lack of hearing or sight, illness, head injuries, lack of wheelchair access can all challenge a member’s ability to receive the AA message. In this month’s feature section, we include powerful stories of acceptance, hope and action by some of these members.

In the story “We Belong,” a deaf member in Michigan joins a group and learns the true meaning of sharing. In “Rolling to Acceptance,” a woman in a wheelchair has a tough time at meetings until one day she gets a great idea. A man who can’t read gets a big bag of surprises in “I Hear the Message.” And in “Finding Our Way,” a member in North Carolina finds his blindness is an asset doing service with special needs. Also in this issue, there’s a thoughtful essay on Warranty Five, a special story about Founders’ Day and a sweet romance between two members at Bill W.’s birthplace in Vermont.

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