Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published April 2014.

From the Streets of L.A.

Sixteen years later, she has a roof over her head and a sober life

I drank for a lot of years. I was a black out drinker and woke up in the oddest places: once in a dark closet, once in jail in a foreign country. Too many times I awoke not knowing what day or time it was or whom I was with. I never knew what would happen to me when I drank.

I lived homeless on the streets of Los Angeles where each day was like a nightmare in my drunken stupor. Being assaulted when I was drunk was a daily thing and I was powerless to do anything about it because I was so drunk. I now have post traumatic stress disorder due to the way I lived as a drunken woman. I am in therapy now to address it.

-- Connie W.

Fort Bragg, California

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