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Published April 2014.

Those Cornhusker Blues

Sitting in a hotel room in downtown Lincoln, he found himself ruminating on some experiences from decades before

Driving into Lincoln, Neb. on a Friday evening in November 1970, I caught something exciting in the air. Lincoln seemed ablaze over the next day's University of Nebraska home game with its arch football rival, Oklahoma. Banners danced over the streets and fluttered from fraternity houses, bands were blaring, crowds of students churned around the campus. The entire city seemed to be rooting for a Cornhusker win over the Sooners. Lincoln—the capital city—felt like a circus.

Noting a hotel also called the Cornhusker, I stopped for the night and booked a room. I was on my way to Denver, and after a few days there I would return by way of northeast Nebraska to pick up my mother and take her to our then home in Michigan for a visit with my family, which now included three young sons and a five-month-old daughter.

-- Mel B.

Toledo, Ohio

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