From the September 2012 magazine.

September 2012: Time To Laugh

What's so funny about the things we say in AA?

Newcomers often express surprise at the levity in AA, especially as a response to harrowing tales of drunken deeds. What is so funny about bone-chilling close calls, unthinkable public humiliation and widespread personal rejection? A lot.

One reason our alcoholic escapades strike people in AA as funny is because so many of us can relate to the insanity and sheer stupidity that sets about the chain of events that results in our train wrecks. Many of us have followed the same ridiculous logic and illogic, so we see it coming a mile away. We laugh at each other’s calamities because we recognize ourselves at our most idiotic, and we share a moment where our collective absurdity creates a hilarious effect. Three stooges are funnier than one. Thirty are better still.

-- Suzan C.

San Francisco, California

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