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Published May 2014.

When I Grow Up

She wanted to be an artist. She became an alcoholic. Now she's a sober artist

When I was younger I never said, "I want to be an alcoholic when I grow up." I was too short to be a model or a stewardess. My voice was not good enough to be a rock star. I was too shy to be a movie star.

But I did have a passion for creating things. I loved designing paper doll clothes, making troll doll clothes, then my own school clothes. I made my own jewelry and India bedspread halter tops and curtains for my 1968 Dodge van. I painstakingly patched my bell-bottom jeans with scraps of the bedspread material all over the barest spots and strutted around in my leather-fringed jacket and John Lennon glasses. And my gifts were all handmade!

-- Dee H.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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