From the June 2014 magazine.

Caught in the Act

Drunk on a bridge one night, she decided to end her life, but instead got an offer she couldn’t refuse

My drinking started when I ran away from home at 17. Growing up on a farm, I was naive to the ways of city life. However, with the help of an alcoholic boyfriend, I soon became streetwise and fell in love with alcohol.

Liquor was the love of my life from the ages of 18 through 36. Those years I lived on the edge—blackouts, divorce and abusive men were all part of my life. Emptiness filled my whole being, along with deep feelings of guilt and shame (for what, I did not know). I identified with the lyrics, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” I didn’t dwell on these feelings, I just stuffed them deep down and continued partying. As far as my delusion was concerned, nothing was amiss with me or my life, for that was all I knew.

-- Bernice H.

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

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