From the June 2014 magazine.

Pesky Little Defects

A tense evening in a local bookstore reminds him that we’re not really ever done with Step Six

As recovering alcoholics it’s easy for us to talk about our character defects. After all, listing our defects and asking to have them removed are two major steps on our journey in sobriety and spiritual living. In my case, having lived most of my adult life in AA and going through the Steps four times with four different sponsors, I thought I knew just about all there was to know about myself.

But every now and then one pesky little defect kept coming up in conversations with the significant people in my life. And most notably, it was always the other person who dragged this defect out of the shadows of my subconscious and into the light of my day. Here’s how it all started this last time.

-- John Y.

Russell, Pennsylvania

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