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Published June 2014.

The Long Weekend

After she got sober, she learned that her experiences were very common

For 22 years, I lived like I was on spring break. It wasn't a romantic spring break spent backpacking across Europe or a selfless spring break working as a camp counselor for underprivileged children. It was more like the kind of spring break where you're stuck in a dirty border town after your friends have bailed on you, you've lost your wallet, and the only thing available to sustain your life is buckets of cheap beer.

The human spirit only has so much fight before it checks out. I used up all of my drink tokens and exhausted my reserve supplies of sanity by the age of 36. On a late night in January 2012, my spirit packed up and headed out the door and my beaten body ate a fistful of pills to reunite with it. And so, began a very long weekend.

-- Layla L.

Forth Worth, Texas

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