From the September 2012 magazine.

September 2012: The Parable of the Shrinking Dumpster

In my early sobriety, I worked the first three Steps with my sponsor before the meeting, next to a dumpster, behind our AA clubhouse. In the many years since, I often spoke of that experience, pointing out that the club is still there, the dumpster is still there, and I am
still sober, so something must have worked right.

I moved away from that city where I got sober years ago, but recently I returned to see my sponsor. We got to talking about that dumpster behind the clubhouse and my early Step work we did there. He wanted to go see if the dumpster was still there. When we arrived at the parking lot behind the meeting, we both laughed because we were still sober, the club was still there and the dumpster was still there. But something had changed. The dumpster was smaller.

-- Jeff M.

Bremerton, Washington

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