From the July 2014 magazine.

One Hot Summer Night

At a meeting in Florida, when the doors burst open, anything can happen

Our meeting gets together to discuss some of the finer points of particular sections of the Big Book. A few months before, we had been allowed access to a meeting room on a college campus in an area with little parking that was hard to find. But this night was our first meeting in a nice new space in one of the little churches over on “religion row” on the outskirts of the campus, about a mile from our previous location. Otherwise, it was just another night.

At the end of a meeting, in between the Serenity Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer, our group pauses longer than most groups for a quiet time of reflection. This night we were standing and holding hands to say the Lord’s Prayer, when the door burst open and in rushed a gal. Boy, was she a sight! Had we been doing anything other than praying, she would have startled the heck out of me.

-- Dan M.

Tampa, Florida

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