From the July 2014 magazine.

One Night on a Church Playground

A teenager shares how, with an old-timer's help, she learned to walk through the pain and love Step Seven

STEP SEVEN: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

I had no idea that on January 21, 1999 my life was going to change forever. I was barely 15 years old and terrified I was going to die a horrific alcoholic death. I had been coming to AA and taking the suggestions, but my desire to drink overpowered the one to stay sober. So many nights I had promised my parents I would stay dry, but I got drunk despite my best intentions.

But on January 20, I got drunk for what I pray was the last time. I cried as I confessed my slip to my family and peers at my therapy group....

-- Danna F.

Warren, Rhode Island