From the July 2014 magazine.

Letter from the Editor

Sometimes prisoners don’t have any AA meetings in their facility, and Grapevine is the only meeting they have. Every year, we publish an issue filled with powerful examples of experience, hope and service by members inside and out of prison walls. It’s our way of carrying the message from the outside. This month’s special section features a few of the many hopeful stories we receive each year.

In the story “Attica’s Beacon,” a member writes about how one of the oldest continuous prison meetings in the nation has made his life more fulfilling than it ever was on the outside. A mother stays sober during her son’s incarceration and learns a few lessons herself in “To Lift His Spirits.” In a Florida prison, an AA meeting disappears, but not one man’s hope in “Someday, Coffee and Honey Buns.” And a member doing correspondence service writes that getting a letter from his friend behind the walls is “The Best Part of My Day.”

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