From the August 2014 magazine.

Sofa Sweet Sofa

Once the couch and liquor were her best friends. Now she can’t get enough of the sun

I’m not a people person. I play one at work—but that’s not really me. At the end of my drinking career, I would just sit on the sofa and drink until I passed out. I used to go out and drink with people from work, but that stopped after scary encounters driving home and many mornings wondering whether my car was in the driveway. It was easier and cheaper to just drink on the sofa. The summer before I got sober, I didn’t see anybody much but my husband.

If I had known that at my first AA meeting everyone was going to come up and talk to me, I wouldn’t have gone. I’d been hiding for a long time so no one would find out that the weight of my secret life was becoming intolerable. But I instantly loved the meetings. I didn’t need to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. As I went to more and more, the message got through that I needed to hook into the Fellowship. After a couple of weeks of not drinking, I welcomed those meetings.

-- Paula C.

Houston, Texas

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