Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published July 2014.

Pearl and the Pigeon

At the time, she couldn't see how these two women in an old pickup truck would help her find her way home

My sponsor, Pearl was quite a tough old bird. One day, she called and said she was taking me to a meeting just outside of town. I climbed into the front seat of her pickup truck and between us sat a very drunk woman. Our pigeon was ranting and rambling and making no sense at all.

Pearl ordered her to be quiet or she'd fasten her to the spare tire on the front of the truck. Pearl explained that as an active drunk, the woman had nothing of value to say and when we got to the meeting, she was to put a cork in it and listen. Surprisingly, this woman did as Pearl told her to do.

-- Phyll T.

Parry Sound, Ontario, , Canada

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