Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published July 2014.

Ocean of Sobriety

She wanted to live life to the fullest, not drink it away

I am sitting watching the ocean waves on the Oregon coast and marveling at what a gift this is. As I sit and contemplate the years I have been coming here, my heart fills with gratitude for the sobriety I carry. In a few months, one day at a time, I'll have five years sober. It's amazing how when I look at the ocean now, there is such a difference in my clarity. My eyes feel clearer and I see more clearly. Overall, I am much clearer in every way.

When I first walked into AA, my eyes were blurry, glassy, and I felt foggy and groggy. All I could think about and all I could see was my next beer. As time passed, and I started doing service work, I was able to build up sober time.

-- Brenda M.

Boise, Idaho

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