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Published August 2014.

Living in Abundance

As a sober woman she was able to forgive all the people she resented. And herself

My swollen eyes opened and I lay there staring out of the window in my room as the light struggled to break through the morning clouds. I was in another alcohol rehab institution and the familiar feeling of defeat washed over me again. I had been crying all night, so I was still tired. But I was always tired, exhausted…actually. I had spent a lifetime thinking only of myself, and it drained me. I wondered if I would ever stop feeling sick and tired, but then I knew that would require real changes. The nurse came in, “Get dressed honey, breakfast in half an hour and then group,” she said with a kind smile.

I was well-versed in the process as a three time rehab veteran. I knew the drill well: go over the Steps, make amends, develop a post-treatment AA meeting plan, blah blah blah. I had successfully faked my way through it for years now. I actually wondered how long it would take me to convince everyone this time that I got it and that they could leave me alone. But a new thought crossed my mind…Could this time actually be different? How many times was I going to repeat the cycle? Even those fleeting thoughts made me feel like a failure, but that was nothing new.

-- Shannon I.

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