From the September 2014 magazine.

Behind the Scenes

That meeting book in his hand did not magically appear

As my life got increasingly unmanageable during the last years of drinking, I withdrew more and more and became isolated from meaningful interactions with others. That this was happening in midtown Manhattan made life all the more lonely. So it was with amazement that in early sobriety I discovered AA’s meeting book for our greater metropolitan area.

While it was as confusing as a train schedule at first, I was like a kid with a new-found toy, running around town to meetings in a great many unlikely places at all hours of the day and night. Here was a listing that said a particular sort of AA meeting would be held at a certain time and place, and behold, there it was—and run by drunks that I would guess hadn’t always been reliable for keeping commitments. This world was a radically different place from where I’d so recently lived and drunk. A whole different set of principles were guiding these mostly sober folks who, while they seemed pretty laid back and casual, were well enough organized to be there when the meeting book said they would be.

-- Boyce B.

Brooklyn, New York

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